How to Draw Perfect Eyebrows:Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw Perfect Eyebrows:Step-by-Step Guide

Drawing eyebrows can be daunting for beginners. You want something beautiful and well defined, but you don’t want to look like a cartoon character either

Here’s where we step in and show you how to draw perfect eyebrows easily.

Things You Need to Draw Eyebrow for a Beginner

  • Mascara wand(Spoolie brush)
  • Brow definer brush (little brush)
  • Brow definer /Eye Pencil
  • Angle brush /flat brush
  • Concealer
  • Tweezer
  • Scissors
  • Powder

 How to Easily Draw Eyebrow for Beginners


How to draw perfect eyebrows for Beginners


When shaping, use tweezers or a pencil to identify the head and tail fo your eyebrows. To figure out where the arch lies, line it up diagonally from your nostril to the centre of your eye.

 How to Easily Draw Eyebrow for Beginners



Start by using the spoolie /mascara wand to brush eyebrows upwards and brush them neatly in place.



Start from the centre: most beginners, when learning to draw their eyebrows for the first time, will usually start shading from the inner corner of their brows and move outwards from there.

This actually is not an excellent way to draw your eyebrows, as it will instead give you a fierce look.

 How to Easily Draw Eyebrow for Beginners


Use the tip of the little brow definer brush and fill in your brows (the dark brown shade of the brow definer goes with dark/black brows.

The lighter stage brow definer, on the other hand, goes with the light brown brows, you can also mix the shades of brow definers if you are in between).

If you are using an eyebrow pencil and don’t have a few shades to choose between, then practice lightening the shade with a softer touch. if needed, use a clean spoolie to help with blending.



Using the tip of your angle brush on the concealer, make sure your brows pop and stand out more, by gently highlighting the top and bottom of your brows following the shape of your brows you just defined.


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We cannot overemphasize the importance of blending,won’t want your brows looking all white, so you’d have to blend the concealer into your skin, still using the angle brush (you blend the highlighted bottom part downwards into your skin and the top part upwards into your skin).

Then use your spoolie /mascara wand to blend it all in and remove all excess.

You want to avoid having any harsh demarcating lines in your eyebrow colour, so make sure your blending game is strong-which will help the rest of your makeup.

 How to Easily Draw Eyebrow for Beginners


Yass! … your brows are highlighted and stands up better. Hahaha lolz


STEP 6: Practise Makes Perfect

 How to Easily Draw Eyebrow for Beginners

Finally, remember that drawing your eyebrows is one of the most challenging makeup technique to pick up, and you may not get right the first few times as a beginner.

But the good news is that perfect, so you should get better as you continue to do it- don’t give up!


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4 months ago

Very impressive

Kween ROY
Kween ROY
4 months ago

It was really helpful…thanks dear for this wonderful tutorial.