The Shoe Style Guide For Ladies

The Shoe Style Guide For Ladies

Matching your shoes with your outfit – tips every girl should know.

Matching your shoes with your dresses. We do this every day.

Easy, Right?

So you’ve gifted yourself your dream pairs of shoes, now you’re faced with a dilemma; how to match your shoes with the dress?

If you have ever wondered what shoes go with what sort of outfits; we’re here to offer some ideas and guides to help get you started.

The wrong shoes can ruin even your best evening dress, most times it’s not easy to coordinate an outfit.

It can be particularly brainstorming when trying to find the right footwear to go with a specific dress especially when choices are few.


Matching your dresses with your shoes

Points to Note when considering your choice of shoe to match with an outfit

1. Consider the colour: Choose colours that compliment your dress instead of those that compete with your clothes.

2. Wear simple plain shoes (heels/flats) when wearing a dress with a bright bold colour or pattern.

3. Go for neutral or Nude shoes(heels/flats) if you have a sparkling evening top or dress.

4. Avoid wearing solid bold colour matching. Don’t wear a solid colour from head to toe.

If you have a green blouse and a green skirt, avoid wearing a greenshoe unless you feel comfier in them. Fashion police can’t charge you with anything.

5. Consider different close shades carefully.

6. Select standard colours for professional settings wear colours such as brown, black, grey leather shoes at the office or formal settings.

Basic Shoes Every Girl Should Own.


Stilletos-Matching your dresses with your shoes

They are classy heels for weddings, work functions and special occasions.

Its dainty look helps make the ultimate match with your favourite formal dress, or jumpsuit.

They are a fabulous pick for brides. Stilettos are also perfect for denim/pencil skirt and shirt.

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flat-Maching your dresses with your shoes

This is the most versatile of its kind.

The ballet flats go well on different outfit whether you’re wearing a short dress, skinny jeans, skirt or even shorts.

Loafers/Smart Oxford

Loafers- Loafers- Matching your dresses with your shoes

We can’t stress enough how important a pair of smart oxford/loafers saved the lives of many women in the office *wink* *wink*.

These shoes go with literally anything from formal to casual and business to personal lives.

Ankle Boots

Ballet Flats- MatchiBAnkle Boots- Matching your dresses with your shoes


A pair of ankle boot with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket and you’re all set to Rock!

Remember not to use them for formal occasions.


Wedge- Other Shoes for your Outfit

Ranging from casual to elegant wedges comes in all styles and height.

Wedge heels look great with Maxi skirts, shorts, short skirts, Bohemian styles, wrap dresses, wide or flared jeans or pants.

We’d advise wearing wedge carefully with pencil skirts and straight or narrow pants.


Mules- Other Shoes for your Outfit

Mules are any type of heel that comes up high over the top of the foot. It could be an open or closed mule. The height of the heels varies.

Mules are hot with Trouser jeans, straight leg jeans, skinny jeans and boot-cut, flared jeans, a loose flowing dress.

High Heels Sandal

Mules-Matching your dresses with your shoes

With varying height, a high jeep sandal is anything that has any of the heel type( stiletto, wedge, kitten) bit with a sandal at the upper.

It’s best worn with a flowing evening dress, a fitted jean and a shirt.

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Awesome. Thanks for teaching us how to combine our shoes and outfits.

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This is nice. Good content

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Adewale Nurudeen
Adewale Nurudeen
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This was very helpful


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